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Department of Chemistry

The history of the Department of Chemistry dates back to 1965. The department was upgraded as an undergraduate department in the year 1976 with a student intake of 40. Later on the department was promoted as a postgraduate department in the year 1999 with a student intake of 10. During the years 1998-2003 the department also conducted a BSc course in Industrial Chemistry.

Courses offered

  1. Bachelor of Science (B Sc) in Chemistry FYUGP Course
  2. Master of Science (M Sc) in Chemistry
  3. Infrastructure

The department has lecture classes and ample lab facilities to conduct studies and research in the field of chemistry. There are three well equipped and spacious laboratories for conducting the practical and dissertation works of under graduates and post graduate students. The physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry laboratories situated at the first floor is intended mainly for post graduate students and research activities.

The department is equipped with a wide range of facilities to aid the students to do well in their performance. Most of the modern scientific instruments required for the practical study are made available to the students. They are also provided with computers with internet facility to assist them.

Department is now active in the field of research with ongoing one UGC-Major Research Project and three other UGC-Minor Research Projects. Department will be developed to a research centre in the near future.


During the past 47 years the department contributed a good number of renowned figures to the country – Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Chemists, Scientists, Social workers etc.

Among the outstanding performance of students, the achievements of Ms. Meena Rangan – First Rank holder of BSc. Industrial Chemistry (2001), Kerala University, Deepthi L. Sivadas – First Rank holder of BSc. Industrial Chemistry (2002), Kerala University and Ajesh Zachareach – second Rank holder of BSc. Industrial Chemistry (2003), Kerala University, Amal C S(2017) B.Sc. Chemistry Kerala University and Sona Saji (2021) B.Sc. Chemistry, Kerala University are the shining stars of the department.

Two minor research projects were awarded to Dr. PG Chithra & Dr. S. Suma, which they have completed successfully. Teachers update their knowledge by attending Refresher course, Orientation course, Seminars and Workshops regularly.

Continuous assessments of students are being done based on attendance, marks scored in seminars and assignments, performance in test papers etc. Apart from the mid-term and model examinations monthly and class test papers are regularly given. Quiz programme encourages the students to participate in external competitions.

The department organizes various programmes for the overall development of the students. A National seminar on “Computational Chemistry” was conducted in 2009. During 2011 a regional seminar on “India in Space” was conducted.

As part of “International Year of Chemistry celebrations 2011” the following programmes were conducted in 2011.

  1. Seminars on “Computational Chemistry”
  2. Seminars on “ Science in Our Daily Life”
  3. Quiz competitions
  4. A grand exhibition of Chemistry department
  5. Exhibition from Indian Space Research Organisation, Thiruvananthapuram.
  6. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Chemical Applications of spectroscopic Techniques was organized in 2015 (Convenor: Lt. Dr. Arun. V)

Facilities created

The Department has almost necessary facilities run the PG, UG and Research programs. Departmental facilities were created under the financial assistance of FIST programme of DST, UGC, State government and SN Trust. Under FIST programme of DST, the Department has purchased and installed two major equipments (FTIR Spectrophotometer and Spectro electrochemical work station), set a computer lab with networking facility, purchased and installed rotary evaporator along with a number of major and minor equipments for the teaching and research purposes and bought some books.

With the financial assistance of UGC the department was equipped with a smart interactive board, LCD Projector and a computer.

Research Activities

The department has occupied with seven faculty members with four doctorates having very good research credentials.

Lt. Dr. Arun. V is Research Guide of the University of Kerala



Capt. Dr. Arun V

M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D

Head & Assistant Professor

Raji V

M.Sc., NET

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gopan Raj

M.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Neetu Pradeep

M.Sc., B.Ed.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Divya Jayan

M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nikhila M. P

M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rani Rajan

M.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

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