Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1965 to offer the Pre-Degree Course in Physics, and this was followed by the starting of the degree course in Physics in 1981-82. The department now functions on modern standards with excellent academic infrastructure and research facilities


  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics
  2. Master of Science (MSc) in Physics


The department has a computer with a printer, an Overhead Projector and a well-stacked library to meet the academic requirements of students. The BSc laboratory is very spacious with all modern facilities and include instruments like Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Bi Prism Apparatus, Function Generator, Ballistic Galvanometer etc. For MSc students, well equipped General Physics and Electronics lab facilities are available. Michelson Interferometer, Hall effect apparatus, He-Ne laser, apparatus for Ultrasonics, apparatus for Quinke’s method are some of the highlighted apparatus.

Further, research oriented equipments such as spectrophotometer, Dip coating unit, Analytical electronic balance, ellipsometer etc are available. The department offers facilities for project works and guidance to MSc students.


The department has been conducting seminars and workshops on a regular basis during the last few years. The Faculty regularly participate in seminars/workshops and present research papers and publish them in research Journals including the one published by the college.

Dr SS Harilal, a former faculty member of the department is now working as the Head of the Department of Laser Physics in the University of California.

Mr Akash of Second year BSc Physics secured the second prize in English Essay Writing in the University Youth Festival 2010-11. He also bagged the fifth place for the same item at the All India Level.

Continuous assessments of students are being done based on attendance, marks scored in seminars and assignments, performance in test papers etc. Apart from the mid-term and model examinations monthly and class test papers are regularly given.

Various seminars have been conducted on a wide array of topics such as ‘Semiconductors’ by Prof. KG Gopinathan on 12-12-2002, ‘Physics and Yoga’ by Dr R Raveendran on 10-11-2003, ‘Fibre Optic Communication’ by Prof. PN Bhasi on 10-01-2004, ‘Awareness class on Computer Hardware and Software’ on 17-10-2004, ‘Quantum Mechanics’ by Prof. G Omanakuttan on 13-01-2005, ‘Edusat’ by Sri. VP Balagangaadharan on 7-09-2005, ‘Conducting Polymers’ by Dr. P Pradeep on 28-11-2006, ‘Natural Rubber Composites’ by Dr. Rosamma Alex on 28-11-2006, ‘An Introduction to Nanophysics’ by Dr R Raveendran on 11-01-2008 and ‘Mobile Communication’ by Sri. R Satheesan on 24-01-2011. An exhibition on ‘Contribution of Albert Einstein’ was conducted on 18-01-2005.

In the auspices of Golden Jubilee year in 7-8 January 2016, the department organized a UGC sponsored National Seminar on Nanomaterials for Energy Applications (Convenor: Dr. Arun S. Prasad).

As part of ZEST 2016, Dr. G. Subodh, Head, Department of Physics, University of Kerala and Dr. Krishnakumar, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, S. G. College, Kottarakkara made talk on various topics such as X-ray diffraction techniques, Holography etc.

One UGC Minor research Project on “Development of High Anisotropy Nanoferrites: A Pre-requesite for High Density Data Storage Media” is on going (Rs. 1.6 lakhs); Dr. Arun S. Prasad is the Principal Investigator.

Another one sponsored by KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala is going on in the student project category under the principal investigation of Dr. Arun S. Prasad

Faculty members