Department of History

The Department of History was established in 1965 with the commencement of the Pre Degree course in History. The BA Degree course in History was started in 1980-81. The department now functions on modern standards with excellent academic infrastructure and research facilities.

Courses Offered

  1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History


he department has been conducting seminars and workshops on a regular basis for the staff and students of the college and nearby institutions. The Faculty regularly participate in seminars/workshops and present research papers and publish them in research Journals including the one published by the college.

Continuous assessments of students are being done based on attendance, marks scored in seminars and assignments, performance in test papers etc. Apart from the mid-term and model examinations monthly and class test papers are regularly given.

Dr. Suresh Jnaneswaran, former HOD is at present a Faculty member of the Depatment of History, University of Kerala. He has authored books like ‘The Naxalite Movement in Kerala’ and ‘All India Kisan Sabha and the Anti-Imperialist Struggle’, in addition to a large number of research articles in several peer-reviewed journals. His book entitled ‘The Naxalite Movement in Kerala’ is included in the curriculum of the IV Semester MA History students.

Biji Kumari P (first Rank 1994), Benzy Ann Koshy (first Rank 1997) and Manju RV (second Rank 1998) are some of the top scorers from this department

Faculty members