The College Council consists of the Principal, Heads of all Departments, two elected teaching staff representatives, and the office Superintendent. It is the major internal body for taking decisions in academic and non-academic matters directly and immediately related to the college.

Dr T P Vijumon Principal in Charge
Ms. Reshma R. Head, Department of English
Dr.Shiny Mathews Head, Department of Hindi
Shri. T. Shibu Head, Department of History
Ms. Soumya Viswambharan Head, Department of Economics
Dr. S. Baiju Head, PG, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Arun S. Prasad Head, PG Department of Physics
Lt. Dr. Arun V Head, PG Department of Chemistry
Dr.Divya R Head,Department of Zoology
Dr. Biju C. Head, Department of Botany
Ms. Kavitha K.S. Head, Department of Commerce
Sri. R. Santhosh Head, Department of Physical Edn.
Ms.Biji M.S Department of Malayalam
Ms. B. Ajitha Junior Superintendent