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1. Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form within ten days after publication of the results.
2. Application form and prospectus can be had from the college office on payment of Rs. 30/- in person or by money order.
3. The application should reach the college office on or before the stipulated date. A self-addressed post card shall be attached to every application.
4. Applicants who are provisionally selected for admission shall be informed by post. They should produce the S.S.L.C. Book, Plus-Two or degree Certificates, Original Mark lists, Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate at the time of interview.
5. Candidates possessing qualifying certificates from Universities for Board of Examinations other than those of Kerala shall also produce Migration Certificate, Qualifying Certificate and Eligibility Certificate from the University of Kerala.
6. They will be enrolled only after they produce all the certificates mentioned in the prospectus and pay the first instalment of fees.
7. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning reason thereof.
8. Any candidate who is found to have secured admission by false representation will be summarily dismissed and shall forfeit the fees paid.
9. To promote healthy student-teacher relationship and to guide the scholars in academic and social matters, a system of personal guidance is provided to the students by the staff through the tutorial system.
Remittance of Fees
Tuition fees will be collected in eight equal instalments in the months of June, August, September, October, November, December, January and February. The first instalment of fees including the special fees prescribed and Caution Deposit will be collected from the students of senior classes within a period of seven consecutive working days beginning from the date of re-opening of the college. In the case of students of junior classes the same will be collected on or before the 7th consecutive working day of the month concerned. The Principal is competent to fix the due date for collection of fees for the various classes.
Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Communities who are eligible for educational concessions from the Department of Harijan Welfare should produce at the time of admission, an Eligibility Certificate from the Thahsildar to entitle him/her for fee concession, lump sum grant, monthly stipend, pocket money etc.
If any eligible Backward Community student has paid his/her fees at the time of joining college and such fees had been remitted into the treasury, the amount of fees so paid will be reimbursed by the Harijan Welfare Department. The Principal of the college after getting the refund, would disburse the amount to the concerned student after getting their aquittance

Schedule of Fees 2012-13

U.G. Course
Class Subj Tuitn fee Adm. Lib. Lab Magz Audio
Calender Assocn Athltc Med Wom
S.A.F Total


Maths 1000 75 100 150 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1645
Phy 1000 75 100 400 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1895
Chem 1000 75 100 400 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1895
Zoo 1000 75 100 550 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 2045
Hist 1000 75 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1495
B.Com 1000 75 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1495
Eng 1000 75 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1495


Maths 1000 100 150 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1565
Phy 1000 100 400 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1815
Chem 1000 100 400 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1815
Zoo 1000 100 550 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1965
Hist 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1415
B.Com 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1415
Eng 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 1415


Maths 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1420
Phy 1000 100 250 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1670
Chemi 1000 100 250 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1670
Zoo 1000 100 250 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1670
Hist 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1420
B.Com 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1420
Eng 1000 100 50 25 30 50 100 5 5 5 1420

Caution Deposit

1. Every student shall on admission to the college at the commencement of the course or during the period of course, be liable to pay the caution deposit prescribed along with the first instalment of tuition fees.
2. Students belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Other Eligible Communities are exempted from payment of Caution Deposit.
3. As Other Eligible Communities and Other Backward Communities are considered as different categories for the grant of educational concession from Harijan Welfare Department, students belonging to `Other Backward Communities’ should pay the caution deposit prescribed.
4. The Caution Deposit to be paid by a student for a particular course shall be retained in the institution till the completion of the course of study concerned in the institution.
5. The student should keep in safe custody the receipts issued against remittance of the Caution Deposit amount, during the tenure of the course.
6. The Caution Deposit amount will be refunded only if the original receipt issued from the college is produced along with the application for refund of the caution Deposit. Failure to produce the original receipt will result in the forfeiture of the amount.
7. At the end of a particular course of study which may be two or three years as the case may be, the Caution Deposit (Laboratory and Library) collected from a student will be refunded to him/her on receipt of an application from the student in the prescribed form and after adjusting the dues, if any on account of
a) Loss of library books
b) Recovery of fine for breakages of laboratory equipment
c) Any other loss caused to properties of the college
d) Arrears of fees, if any.
8. If the Caution Deposit is less than the amount to be realised from the students, the excess amount will be realised by other means as the Principal may decide.
9. If the student applies for refund of the Caution Deposit when he/she is taking T.C. from the college on the grounds of discontinuing the course or pursuing studies for the same or for a different course in some other institution before completion of the course in that college, the Caution Deposit paid shall be refunded to him/her after adjusting dues, if any.
10. The outgoing students should make their claims for refund of Caution Deposit on or before 31st May of the year.
11. The students should produce their library identification cards while claiming payment.
12. Unclaimed Caution Deposits will be forfeited to the Govt.

Transfer Certificate & Conduct Certificate

Transfer Certificate and Conduct certificate will be issued at the end of the course or during any time of the course on request. The rules regarding the issue of TC are as follows

1. No TC will be issued to those students with uncleared dues.
2. No fee will be levied on those who apply for TC either at the time of leaving the college or within one year after leaving the college.
3. A fee of Rs.30/-will be levied for issue of duplicate T.C. However it will be issued only on the strength of a Certificate from Gazetted Officer to the effect that the original is lost irrecoverably.

Fee Concession

1. Applicants belonging to the SC /ST /OEC Kudumbis and Christian converts from scheduled caste and scheduled tribes who are bonafide subjects of Kerala state are eligible for full concession, stipend and lumpsum grand for purchase of books and dress. They will have to produce at the time of admission a certificate of nativity and certificate of community, if the community is not shown in the SSLC /SSC book.
2. Applicants belonging to backward and forward communities who are bonafide subjects of Kerala state are eligible for full fee concession, if the income of their families does not exceed Rs 25,000/- in the case of students of Degree class and Rs. 42,000/- in the case of PG classes as per the Kumara Pillai Commission report ( No concession in respect of B.Sc Computer Science).
3. Exemption from payment of tuition fees is allowed to the children/grandchildren of “Political Sufferers” if the income does not exceed Rs. 15,000/ annum.
Note : Applicants eligible for fee concession will have to produce the following certificates at the time of admission


Category Family income limit Certificate
SC/ST/OEC, Kudumbi and Christian converts from SC/ST Nativity Certificate and Community Certificate
Other Backward  Communities and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Degree: not more than Rs.12,000/-P.G: not more than Rs.42,000/- Certificate showing  Income, Community and Native place  from village officer